Application for Residencies between September to December 2020.

Open January 1, 2020.

Before applying, please visit our website at, and go to the Apply page for guidelines.

If you have questions regarding PLAYA's Residencies, or the application process, please email us at or call 541 943 3983.

In service of our mission to promote dialogue and positive change in the environment and the world, PLAYA is launching a long-term virtual programming initiative. Covid-19 is the impetus to start this initiative, but we anticipate that virtual programming will be a regular component of our work in the coming years. 

We encourage you to help us launch this initiative. 

PLAYA is calling for video submissions tied to one of the two themes below. 

Video submittals can be of any length up to 4 minutes. 

We ask for a creative presentation responding to either of the two themes below. The first theme centers on this moment we are all experiencing. The second is tied specifically to how your residency at PLAYA impacted you. All video content should arise from your current visual, written or scientific work and/or creative thinking/research.

Please send a link to the video by July 31, 2020. We will select videos to post and begin sharing by August 15, 2020.

1. Expanding the Contraction

We believe the landscape that envelops PLAYA acts to expand the imagination. In this time when so many are experiencing a sense of contraction, we want to highlight the quality of expansion in diverse ways. 

We know PLAYA’s community of artists and scientists residents can contribute creative, resonant expressions for us to share in this moment. 

Along with memories of the wide-open high desert space, we ask you to consider one or more of these questions as a springboard for your video response:

  • What are you learning about humanity and how it faces catastrophe?
  • How is the pandemic informing us about the planet’s environmental challenges? 
  • What is arising in you about this pandemic, and environmental and social justice?
  • What do you see as the future of our world as the climate changes and the pandemic impacts us? 

2.  PLAYA Impacts

Residents often insist that a stay at PLAYA creates lasting influences on their thinking and work. We would like you to share in a creative video something about your experience at PLAYA and its continuing influence on your work in the world.

Please consider these questions in the making of your video.

  • How did PLAYA impact the work you are reading or sharing in this video? 
  • What did you learn about your process and practice while at PLAYA? 
  • How and where has the work you created at PLAYA moved out into the world? 
  • What is your most vivid memory about PLAYA?