Application for Residencies between September to December 2020.

Open January 1, 2020.

Before applying, please visit our website at, and go to the Apply page for guidelines.

If you have questions regarding PLAYA's Residencies, or the application process, please email us at or call 541 943 3983.

PLAYA provides space, solitude, and a creative community to residents working in the arts and sciences, encouraging dialogue to bring positive change to the environment and the world.
Steps to apply:
  1) Please read our residency guidelines below to consider if you are a good fit for this opportunity.
  2) Please complete the Submittable application form by 11:59pm February 15, 2019.
Award notifications will be made by September 15, 2019 or sooner if possible.  PLAYA does not accept Residency Applications by direct email, regular mail, or fax. Applications that do not follow the instructions or that are incomplete will not be reviewed. Please note we are requesting blind submissions of work samples. Please read below for details and visit our website for more information.
You may save your application as a draft and return to it until you are ready to pay and submit. Once you select the “Submit to PLAYA” button you cannot change or add to your application. You should receive a confirmation from Submittable that your application was received. Please connect with Submittable if you have questions about their platform at 1-855-467-8264.

July 13 - 24 (Social Practice Artists + Scientists)

August 31 - September 11  (Designers)

September 14 - 25 (open to all)

October 12 - 30 (open to all)

November 9 - 20 (open to all)

December 7 - 18 (open to all)

PURPOSE: PLAYA is an organization for creative individuals who are committed and passionate about their work and who will benefit from time spent in a remote location. PLAYA offers seclusion and quiet in a natural environment and the opportunity for interaction, if desired, with a cohort of residents and the local rural community. A residency provides the time and space to research, create substantive work or reflect upon one’s creative or scientific processes. Away from the urgencies of daily life, residents can focus on their projects, immerse in a desert landscape of basin and rangeland, and find inspiration.
ELIGIBILITY: PLAYA’s residencies are open to visual artists, writers, performing artists, scientists, naturalists, designers, and individuals engaged in interdisciplinary work or other forms of creative research. PLAYA welcomes a range of applicants with an established history of accomplishment. However, applicants must exhibit a recent history of focused work within the discipline they are applying. In addition, applicants need to have had experiences and demonstrate in the application, their ability to thrive in remote, isolated conditions and be comfortable spending large amounts of time alone, be self-directed, self-sufficient, and self-contained. If you need daily social interaction this won't be a comfortable environment for you. All residents’ work must be compatible with PLAYA’s available studios, cabins, facilities, and resources, and with PLAYA’s rural setting and community.
ADMISSIONS: A rotating panel of artists, writers, scientists and other professionals review proposals and recommend applicants for residencies. Applicants are assessed and admitted based on blind work samples their demonstrated commitment to their work, and to what degree their creative process and work will benefit from the uninterrupted time and independent living environment that a residency at PLAYA provides. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of PLAYA.
FEES: There is only the application fee required for a PLAYA Residency. We charge a $35.00 non-refundable processing fee ($70.00 if applying as a collaborative team of two – four persons, and $140.00 if applying as a collaborative team of seven – twelve persons).
If accepted each resident is asked to submit a $150.00 deposit, which can be refunded or donated following the completion of a residency. However, the deposit is not refundable if a residency is cancelled.  If for whatever reason you are unable to make the start date, decide to leave early or not stay for the entirety of your residency, we consider that a cancelation unless pre-approved.
 As a nonprofit organization, PLAYA relies on donations and encourages those who have the ability to contribute to do so. You may donate online through the website, mail in a donation, and choose to donate your $150.00 deposit.
OCCUPANCY: PLAYA gives residents an opportunity to pursue personal creative work and share in a community of creative individuals. In this spirit, residents commit to residing at PLAYA for the entire residency period awarded. Note: If your residency’s purpose or specific project requires overnight excursions off-site, these must be described and explained in your proposal. All needs during an excused off- site time are the responsibility of the resident.
SESSION SCHEDULE: While every effort is made to accommodate applicants’ schedule requests, we are not always able to grant your choices. Please indicate flexibility and restrictions on your application. We have set residency periods to choose from. Dates are not customizable.
COLLABORATION: If applying as a collaborative team, please have one person listed as the main applicant. As a collaborative team you MUST include the following in your statement of project: group name (if applicable), a list of all participating members, and your specific needs for lodging and workspace.  Each member must supply an individual resume as part of the group application.
COUPLES: Couples may apply individually for concurrent residencies, with the understanding that one applicant might be accepted and the other not. If requesting accommodations as a couple, each applicant must state this explicitly on their application. Please note we do not accept families. All applicants must be at least 18 years old. If accepted you and everyone in your collaboration must be 18 years old or older.
FACILITIES: Each resident is provided housing with a bed, basic kitchen, and a place to work—either a studio or a desk area in their cabin. Except for a twice a week group dinner, all meals and provisions are the responsibility of the resident. Living, work, and studio spaces have standard utilities, abundant natural light, and open vistas in an expansive landscape; but are free of telephone, television, and internet. The Commons building has a commercial kitchen, library, space for yoga or dancing, ping-pong table, and a loft work area with a projection screen. More information about Studios and the what PLAYA offers can be found here:
*NEW POLICY AFFECTING RESIDENTS OF PLAYA: PLAYA practices leave no trace ethics for site specific artworks, installations, or other processes on the grounds that might affect the environment, habitats, or other species. If your work at Playa includes any processes that may result in changes (immediate or long-term) to the visual, physical, or aesthetic environment of PLAYA, you must first receive prior approval from the Executive Director. Activities include, but are not limited to relocating earth (rocks), cutting or removal of plants, and/or using technology that might adversely affect biotic species (or the tranquility of the PLAYA experience).
Blind Work Samples Requested: Prepare a blind, or anonymous work sample, CV, work proposal, and work description. We had to disqualify 20% of our applications last session because instructions were not followed. Please remove your name, address or other personal identifying information. Do not use your name as file names, in work samples, on your CV/resume. For your CV please remove your name, address, phone numbers, emails, and websites. The titles, duties, and place of work, galleries, or title of publications can stay. Please make your work proposal, and work description anonymous as well. Work samples bearing personal identifying information will be disqualified. Again, please submit a blind sample of work samples, work description, and your CV. Please follow this link for more information about blind submissions. Scroll to the part of this page that says, "Tips for Applying".
ALL DISCIPLINES: Current work is requested. The nature of the work sample submitted should correspond to the nature of the work you propose to do while in residence. Unless work is interdisciplinary, each applicant is encouraged to apply in a primary creative discipline and submit a work sample and statement of project that emphasizes this single discipline. If you are working in multimedia or have your work archived in multimedia you are welcome to submit a portfolio of works as long as it is within the submission guidelines. For example, you could submit 5 minutes of video, 10 minutes of audio, and 5 images.
MULTIMEDIA: If you are working in multimedia or have your work archived in multimedia you are welcome to submit a portfolio of works as long as it is within the submission guidelines. For example, you could submit 5 minutes of video, 10 minutes of audio, and 5 images. If you are new to interdisciplinary work, submit your best, current work in your primary discipline and describe your plans to work in a cross-discipline manner.
VISUAL ART: Provide 5 - 10 images in JPEG format along with a document containing the JPEG filename, title, medium, size and year of completion for each piece. JPEG files should be at least 800x600 pixels and formatted to 72 dpi. NO TIFF OR PSD FILES ACCEPTED. Each filename must be numbered and correspond to the accompanying work-description document. Please do not save files in your name.
WRITING: Your writing sample should be representative of the genre in which you plan to work while in residence. Provide one document that contains a sample as follows:  Fiction: 10 pages of a novel excerpt, a story, or short stories. Poetry: 10 pages of poetry. Nonfiction: 10 pages of nonfiction. Playwriting: one complete act. Screen writing: 20 pages of script. Include in this document a cover page that contains the title(s) of the work, and the date(s) of completion.
MUSIC / PERFORMANCE: Provide three to ten separate works totaling no more than 10 minutes in audio or video format along with one document that lists the file name, title, and year of completion for each work, and that clearly summarizes the applicant’s role in the work.
SCIENTIST/NATURALIST/CREATIVE RESEARCH: Provide one document that contains up to 10 pages of abstracts or other examples that are representative of your work. Include in this document a cover page that contains, the title of each work, the date of completion, and a description of your areas of research.
OTHER: If your project does not fall clearly within one of the above disciplines please send an email to the Residency Manager at to discuss an appropriate work sample. We are open to all creative disciplines, don't hestitate to connect us.
LOCATION: Playa sits at the base of Winter Ridge, which rises to 7,200 feet at the northwestern edge of the Great Basin in south-central Oregon. Directly east of PLAYA lies Summer Lake, at an elevation of 4,200 feet. The lake is about 20 miles long and five miles wide. It is a playa: a desert lake that is shallow in the winter and usually evaporates by late summer. The Summer Lake basin, abundant with both desert and forest flora and fauna, is cradled between the open sagebrush steppe of eastern Oregon and the rocky, forested mountains of the Fremont-Winema National Forest.
VISITORS: PLAYA’s Residency Program is unable to invite or accommodate family members or visitors to accompany residents, except when the facility is open for monthly PLAYA Presents or other events open to the public. Visitors must be accompanied by the resident at all times and are not permitted to stay overnight.   
PRIVACY: Residents are free to choose privacy during their stay or enjoy interaction with peers and the community if desired. Residents are welcomed to others’ cabins or studios by invitation only.
LOCAL COMMUNITY: Although no services are expected of residents during their stay, interaction with the local community is encouraged and graciously supported. After acceptance, if you would like to participate in some form of community outreach or present an activity at PLAYA, you may propose a presentation or activity, which PLAYA staff will try to accommodate.
TRANSPORTATION: Residents are responsible for their transportation to and from PLAYA, and for their local travel needs during their residency (either in their own car, or by getting a ride with another resident). Residents who will be at PLAYA in the cold months (November through March) should be sure their vehicles are equipped with snow tires or carry chains. Please note that AAA does not service this area.
MEALS AND FOOD: Except for a twice-weekly group dinner prepared by staff, which residents are encouraged to attend, all other food and meals are the responsibility of individual residents. If you are awarded a residency, we will send information about options for purchasing food and supplies during your stay. It is recommended that residents arrive with enough food to last two weeks. Residents may prepare meals in their cabin or in the Commons building, individually or as a group.
INTERNET: Internet is limited to a slow satellite connection that can be uneven due to cloud cover, and has limited capacity for uploading and downloading data. Residents are asked to restrict their internet use to emails and limited creative research. If your work relys on the internet, please bring your own hot spot. Carriers Verizon and AT&T work best. Streaming on our internet of any type of visual or auditory material (this includes, but is not limited to, radio and news programs; and streaming music/ audio, movies, or videos) will significantly slow down and potentially shut down any access to the Internet. Note: The Library in Paisley (16 miles south of PLAYA) have higher speed Wi-Fi.
PHONE: Cellular reception is sporadic and unreliable at PLAYA. Cell phone reception varies from carrier to carrier. Good cell phone coverage is available 10 miles south or north of PLAYA. There is a telephone landline in the Commons building available to residents with free, unlimited long-distance calling within the U.S. All international calls made from the PLAYA landline must be made by calling card – if international charges are applied to PLAYA the resident is responsible for payment prior to leaving PLAYA.
MATERIALS AND SELF-RELIANCE: Residents provide all their own creative materials, supplies, tools, and equipment, unless specifically listed as provided by PLAYA. Residents also furnish their own health and hygiene products, and their outdoor clothing and gear. If awarded a residency, a checklist will be provided to help with packing. UPS, FedEx, are suggested for packages and the US Postal for letters. Post offices are located in Paisley (16 miles south) and the Summer Lake store (12 miles north). Residents are asked to be a part of cleaning up after group meals, their cabins, studios.
PETS:  PLAYA is unable to accommodate residents’ pets due to allergy issues. Service Animals Only
SMOKING: PLAYA’s grounds and buildings are smoke free so we remain fire free. We take any fire risk very seriously.
WEATHER: The Summer Lake basin, in which PLAYA is located, is subject to storms and high winds. In the summer months, the temperature ranges from close to 90 during the day to 50 at night. In winter, the average highs are in the low 40s to mid 30s, and the lows may dip into the teens. Variations and exceptions to these norms are possible and to be expected.